Peeps Easter Ideas – Bunny Bouquet

Peeps Easter Ideas

Last Easter I made this little Peep Bunny Bouquet for my mom and she is such a weirdo that it took her months to eat it. She said it was too cute to eat!

Luckily she likes her Peeps hard and dried out (she’s not totally crazy, they do taste better that way). I live where it is a little drier, so I will often get her packages of Peeps and let them harden here for her. I am such a giver. I don’t even really like Peeps, I am much more of a Cadbury egg girl, so I am never tempted to eat them. I used to love them, but as I get older my tolerance for sugar has gone way down. I can only eat an ear without getting sick, and I can’t even touch jelly beans anymore. Easter just isn’t the same anymore. Poor me. Getting old stinks.

The Peep Bouquet was really easy to make. I just stuck some floral foam in the bottom of a cute bucket and topped it with some Easter grass. I then stuck the Peeps on some paper straws and arranged them in the bucket. I love red and am not a fan of pastels, so even with Easter I find ways of sneaking the color in.

This year I am thinking of making little Peeps Bouquets for the ladies I visit teach, if I ever get my act together. Hopefully they don’t read this and get their hopes up!

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