Peep Bunny Bouquet – Peeps Easter Ideas

Peep Bunny BouquetA few years ago, I made this easy little Peep Bunny Bouquet for my mom. She loves Peeps and she taught me as a child that Peeps are yummiest when they are a little stale and hard. It sounds crazy, but she is totally right.

I feel like there are two types of people in this world. Those who like Peeps and those who don’t. I used to love them as a kid, but my old lady stomach won’t let me eat them anymore. I can only eat an ear without getting sick, and I can’t even touch jelly beans. Easter just isn’t the same anymore. Poor me. Getting old stinks.

Great Preschool Easter Craft

This Peep Bunny Bouquet is not only a great Easter gift, but it is so easy that it is perfect for kids. It is a great activity that incorporates motor skills for preschool and kindergarten classes. And if you use different color Peeps and straws, you can use it to teach colors. Or you can count how many bunnies are in your basket!

Peep Bunny Bouquet Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

Step 1: Cut your foam to fit inside your bucket or pot. It should fit securely so it doesn’t wobble.

Step 2: Cut your straws to different lengths so that you can arrange your bunnies.

Step 3: Insert your straw into the bunny Peeps. I love the way the paper straws look, but kids might have an easier time with this if you use plastic straws.

Step 4: Arrange your bunnies by sticking the straws in the foam.

Step 5: Cover up the foam with the fake grass and add a bow!


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