Thanksgiving Sign: A Reminder to be Thankful

I just finished an article for a client that talked about the health benefits of gratitude. And it was amazing. Turns out that those who are grateful sleep better, are less anxious, suffer from less depression, see the doctor less, have better health, are less aggressive, are more satisfied with life, and have a lower risk of heart attacks. And the benefits for teens include better grades, more friends, less behavioral problems, and a lower risk of using alcohol and drugs. Wow! Gratitude has never looked so good!

According to Robert Emmons, a leading scientific expert on gratitude, gratitude has two key components. First, it is an affirmation of goodness and that good things exist in the world. Second, we recognize that this goodness comes from outside ourselves – whether that be from other people or a higher power.

Gratitude also has a social dimension to it. It strengthens relationships because it lets us see how others have helped us. Not only do we appreciate this service, but we look for ways to “pay it forward.” Sociologist Georg Simmel calls it “the moral memory of mankind.”

It got me thinking about my life and what I am doing to cultivate gratitude in myself and my kids. This November we will be doing the gratitude tree like we always do, but I wanted to do something more. One of the things I read about was how important it was to remind ourselves to be grateful. So I decided to make a sign as a reminder to myself and my family. I know that writing down a goal is supposed to increase your likelihood of success. I wonder what crafting your goal will do!

To make the sign I just started with a 1×4 piece of wood. I then slapped on a messy coat of paint and then used a contact paper stencil I cut with my Silhouette. I used the stencil to paint in the lettering and then sanded over all of it once it was dry. Then I went over the wood with Watco, my favorite stain. Super easy! So easy that I was “grateful” for how easy it was! See, it is already working!

Learn more about the benefits of gratitude:

Something fun for the kids:

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