Combined Mutual Activity: Cultural Hall Quidditch


I absolutely love the youth in our ward. I love that my Mia Maids wanted to play Quidditch as a combined mutual activity and I love how all the youth got so into it. And watch out for our bishop! He is competitive! It was a lot of fun watching him run around with the youth. By the end of the night everybody was sweaty and out of breath. So we all cooled down with some cold Butterbeer Italian Soda (see my easy recipe)!

It was all really easy to put together and I modified the rules a bit so that the game works better in the cultural hall.

How to play Cultural Hall Quidditch for a Combined Mutual Activity

What you will need:

  1. Six hula hoops (I borrowed some from people in the ward)
  2. Twine to hang the hoops from
  3. Quaffle (I used a volleyball)
  4. 2 Bludgers (I bought those big playground balls you can get at the 99 Cent Store)
  5. Small bouncy ball for the Snitch
  6. Something to help tell the teams apart. I cut strips of fabric for one team to wear around their heads.
  7. Brooms (I had the youth bring their own broom)

Setting up:
The only thing I had to do to set up was hang the hula hoops from the basketball hoops. Since I couldn’t stake them in the ground in the cultural hall, hanging them was my best bet. To do this I brought a sock with rice in it to act as a counter weight. I tied the twine around the sock and then threw it up over one of the poles on the back of the basketball hoop. The weight of the sock brought the end of the string back down to the ground and I was able to loop the string around the hula hoops and adjust the height. I lined up three hula hoops on each side. They swayed around a bit, but it just made it that much harder to score a point!

Positions and Responsibilities:
I wrote these down on a blackboard where the kids could reference them if they needed to since not everybody was super familiar with the game.

  • 3 chasers: Throw the quaffle through the hoops (worth 10 points). Can run with ball, pass it, or kick it. Only chasers can touch quaffle.
  • 2 beaters: Throw bludgers to tag out chasers and seeker. If you are hit by the bludger you must drop the quaffle and touch your own goal before you can resume play.
  • 1 seeker: Catch snitch (worth 30 points and ends the game).
  • 1 keeper: Guards the goals.
  • 2 snitches: Two people responsible for bouncing the snitch back and forth around the cultural hall and keeping it away from the seekers.

Getting Started:

  • Place the quaffle and two bludgers in the middle of the cultural hall.
  • Blow whistle and both teams start from the edges and attempt to grab the quaffle and bludgers.
  • Players then play according to their roles.
  • The referee keeps score.
  • The game ends when one of the seekers catches the snitch.


  • Must hold brooms with one hand between your legs at all times. If you drop your broom, you are knocked out and have to return to your hoops before you can resume play.
  • No fouls. If you foul you must return to your hoops for a one minute penalty.


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3 Responses

  1. Wendy says:

    This was so fun!! Tried it out with our young men and women and absolutely loved it!!

  2. Ashley says:

    How many youth would this work with? We have a pretty large group (80 total but for the summer months it’s about 40 of both YW & YM.) It looks like so much fun!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Angie says:

      That is a pretty big group! You may have to split things up a bit. Ideally, I would have at least seven players on each team with a maximum of 21 depending on how big your cultural hall is. We had about 12 players per team and it was about perfect.

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