Cheap and Easy Christmas Wrapping


We have a very large and close extended family, which means that this year I have almost 100 gifts to wrap. And I don’t even like wrapping presents! I hate spending a ton of time on something that will just be torn up. If I am going to sweat over something, it is going to be something that lasts a long time like a piece of furniture, not wrapping paper. To keep my sanity, I had to find some easy Christmas wrapping ideas.

So this year I bought some kraft bags that made it so easy to wrap things up that I could do each Christmas gift in about two minutes. I got the bags here off Amazon for dirt cheap. They have saved me a fortune in time and money. I was able to wrap most my gifts using these bags. There were only about five presents that were too big for the bags, so I sewed some larger fabric gift bags for them.

To wrap the present above, I folded over the corners and used my hole punch. The twine is wrapped all around the package to keep it closed. I had a little initial that I made on my Silhouette. If you have lots of gifts to wrap, the initials are a great way to label gifts quickly. I think I like how this one turned out the best. Here is how to do the rest.

Easy Christmas Wrapping

I love natural textures and colors, so the kraft color is perfect for me. And by changing up the bows and ties, you can get so many different looks. You can also buy bags with prints on them and I got some adorable smaller bags with a chevron print for smaller presents. I got these off Etsy.


Below I folded this package and hole punched it, and then taped the ribbon underneath the flap with packing tape and then threaded the ribbon through the two holes.


To make the ones below I just folded the corners down to look like an envelope. The first one is just closed shut with a sticker, but on the second one I sewed a button on it first and then taped it underneath so that it would look like it was buttoned closed.



The ones below I folded over the bag a couple of times, made two holes, and threaded the ribbon through. You can get very different looks depending on the ribbon and extras you add.






And these were crazy easy. You just gather up the top and tie it with a ribbon. This was the best technique for gifts that were odd shapes or puffy. easy-christmas-wrapping-8



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