Elsa cape tutorial – Make it faster, cheaper, and easier

Elsa cape tutorial

Faced with making 20 Elsa capes for a Frozen birthday party, I knew that they would have to be cheap and easy. I also had an additional obstacle. My ladybug is just like her mama – no amount of being beautiful is worth being uncomfortable. She hates to have anything restrictive around her arms or neck, so that killed most of the Elsa cape tutorials that I had found online. So with her in mind, I came up with this super easy Elsa cape tutorial.

My favorite part is that you don’t have to hem them and I don’t have to worry about the cape getting wrapped around anybody’s neck. One of my weird mommy worries is that my kids are going to accidentally strangle themselves. When I see kids with anything wrapped around their necks, I get super nervous.

I used tulle because it is lightweight, pretty durable, super cute, and you don’t have to hem it. And this cape was so lightweight, that Ladybug hardly felt it back there. Which means she left it on for almost the entire party!

Elsa cape tutorial

For the tulle, I grabbed my Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon and picked up several yards of tulle off the bolt. I found that I could make two capes per yard, so with my coupon, each cape was only a little over 50 cents.

I cut the tulle so that the cape would fall just above the ground on my daughter. I wanted it to be long like Elsa’s, but I didn’t want her tripping on it. I then folded the edges into the center. This makes the cape look puffier and softer because you hide the edges in the middle rather than having them stick out on the outside.


I then folded the top like an accordion.



After it was folded, I did a simple stitch back and forth across the top on my sewing machine. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you could stitch it in place by hand.


And then I added a ribbon to hide the stitching.


To clip it on, I hot glued a hair clip to the back. If you use the snap kind of clip below you will want to make sure it is a larger one that is pretty strong. The weaker ones lose their snap when you hot glue it. You could also use one of those alligator clips.


Once it is done, you just clip it on the back of your girl’s shirt. You can also use it as a bridal veil by clipping it in her hair!

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