Fruit Cup Snowman

fruit-cup-snowmanI like to find holiday treats for the kiddos that aren’t pure sugar, so I invented this cute little fruit cup snowman. He would be perfect for preschool or a stocking stuffer. And they are super easy to make.

How to Make a Fruit Cup Snowman:
1. Buy a pack of Dole Fruit Parfait. You want the parfait because the bottom is white. An orange mandarin headed snowman would just look weird. But if you wanted to go even healthier, I think you could probably get away with a pear headed snowman.

2. Use a black sharpie to draw on the eyes and mouth. I didn’t have an orange sharpie lying around, so I just used a red one for the nose. I stink at freehanding this kind of stuff, so if I can do it, so can you.

3. Cut out a think strip of flannel and cut a fringe on the ends. Wrap it around the base and tie it. I noticed that if this fits too tight, it doesn’t lay right. So you may want to stretch it out a little. You could also add some glue to get it to stay better. If you wanted to get super creative, you could add a hat. But I am lazy, so I didn’t. I figured that it would add another 15 minutes to the project and I knew my kids wouldn’t care if it had a hat or not. So there.

These fruit cup snowman would also be great for a Frozen party! You could use little goggle eyes instead and add a tuft of twigs up on the top. I thought about doing it, but I didn’t. Because I am lazy and would rather spend the time outside with my kids. I figured they would prefer a good enough snowman and mom with a little extra time to play than a picture perfect copy of Olaf. But if you do a Frozen party and decide to try it, send me some photos because it would be so stinking cute!

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