Magnetic Lego Bulletin Board Tutorial

Magnetic Lego Bulletin BoardLegos are easily one of my favorite toys. And I love finding new ways to get creative with them. So we decided to go vertical! This simple and inexpensive magnetic Lego bulletin board is a great way to decorate your child’s bedroom and let him take his creations to the next level.

How to Make a Magnetic Lego Bulletin Board

1) Get your magnets

First, you will need some 5mm round super Neodymium, rare earth magnets that are the same size as the holes in the bottom of a Lego brick.

When I did it, I smashed some magnets I found at Staples with a hammer to get the little magnet out. But later I found the little magnets on Amazon for much cheaper. And you didn’t have to go all Thor on them either. Much easier!

2) Add the magnets to your Lego blocks

But don’t put away your hammer yet! You will now need to hammer the magnet into the little hole on the bottom of the Lego. When the magnet is placed in the little hole, it allows you to still stack these like normal Legos.

To be on the safe side, I recommend inserting some super glue in the hole first to make sure the magnet doesn’t come out. These kinds of magnets are powerful and can be dangerous if ingested. For that reason, I only recommend using them for older children and only in Lego blocks that aren’t easy to swallow.

To protect the Lego block, I did my hammering on some soft pine wood. The 5mm magnet should fit in there snuggly.

3) Make your bulletin board

You will now need a sheet of metal that attracts magnets. I got this sheet from Lowes but brought a magnet with me to make sure it worked before buying it. Not all metals will work with magnets. The metal doesn’t need to be thick and I found it was easier to hang when it was thinner. Using a hammer and large nail, I made holes in the corners and then screwed it to the wall. Make sure you hit at least one stud in the wall so that the bulletin board is secure.

You can also use cookie or pizza sheets from the dollar store, or a car drip pan.


Get Creative!

And that is it! Super easy! Your magnetic Lego bulletin board is now ready to play with. My boy disappeared into his room for hours and came up with the coolest stuff. He added the magnetic Legos to the bottom of a jet he made and it stuck up on the bulletin board perfectly. He even made a marble run! And then used the Legos to spell out messages. You can even hang up their latest artwork using the magnets.

The whole thing ended up costing less than $20 and took only a couple of hours to make.

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