Divine Nature LDS Ministering Printable: Pineapple Quote

Pineapple is the fruit of summer! So for August, I decided to put together a pineapple Divine Nature LDS Ministering Printable. A fun little twist on the “wear a crown” pineapple printable, this includes a quote from Sister Elaine S. Dalton reminding us of our divine heritage. This is also perfect for sharing as a Activity Day or young woman’s printable!

“Each of you has inherited a royal birthright. Each of you has a divine heritage. You are literally the royal daughters of our Father in Heaven. Each of you was born to be a queen.”

Pineapple Divine Nature LDS Ministering Printable

Download Pineapple Divine Nature LDS Ministering Printable (PDF includes the set at 3 to a sheet)

I put the Divine Nature LDS Ministering Printable with some cute little pineapple cups, perfect for sipping by the pool! Even if you only have a kiddie pool like me…

Sister Dalton was speaking to the young women as the Young Women General President, but I also share it here because I think that understanding our divine nature is important for all of us, not just young women. Especially when we are older and we are busy taking care of others and nobody stops to tell us how special we are anymore.

But I think that some of this is by design. Not that we shouldn’t cheer each other on, but that as we mature we need to know who we are not because people tell us, but because we have a personal and strong relationship with our Savior.

When we are younger, we are still learning to fill our own oil lamps. We need lots of support and people cheering us on. But at some point, we have to learn how to fill our own lamps and teach others how to fill theirs.

Sister Dalton shares the story of the son of King Louis XVI of France and his firm understanding of who he was. She said, “As a young man, he was kidnapped by evil men who had dethroned his father, the king. These men knew that if they could destroy him morally, he would not be heir to the throne. For six months they subjected him to every vile thing life had to offer, and yet he never yielded under pressure. This puzzled his captors, and after doing everything they could think of, they asked him why he had such great moral strength. His reply was simple. He said, ‘I cannot do what you ask, for I was born to be a king.’”

I love this because in the palace he would have been surrounded by reminders of his royalty, but in his trials, amongst temptations, and out in the world those reminders of royalty would be much more subtle and internal. He would have to dig deep and constantly reinforce who he was. As women, I believe we have to do the same. We carry so many difficult burdens, we need constant reminders through prayer, gospel study, and service to lift our heads high and remember that we are royal.

Sister Dalton goes on to tell about when she was at BYU and got a chance to meet President David O. McKay and his wife in their home. After President McKay finished talking to the youth in the room, Sister Dalton said, “He leaned back in his chair and reached for his wife’s hand and said, ‘Now, young women, I would like you to meet my queen.’ There seated next to him was his wife, Emma Ray McKay. Although she did not wear a crown of sparkling diamonds, nor was she seated on a throne, I knew she was a true queen. Her white hair was her crown, and her pure eyes sparkled like jewels. As President and Sister McKay spoke of their family and their life together, their intertwined hands spoke volumes about their love. Joy radiated from their faces. Hers was a beauty that cannot be purchased. It came from years of seeking the best gifts, becoming well educated, seeking knowledge by study and also by faith. It came from years of hard work, of faithfully enduring trials with optimism, trust, strength, and courage. It came from her unwavering devotion and fidelity to her husband, her family, and the Lord.”

Sister Dalton says, “I was reminded of my divine identity, and I learned about what I now call ‘deep beauty’—the kind of beauty that shines from the inside out. It is the kind of beauty that cannot be painted on, surgically created, or purchased. It is the kind of beauty that doesn’t wash off. It is spiritual attractiveness. Deep beauty springs from virtue. It is the beauty of being chaste and morally clean. It is the kind of beauty that you see in the eyes of virtuous women like your mother and grandmother. It is a beauty that is earned through faith, repentance, and honoring covenants.”

Don’t ever get distracted or disheartened! Remember you were “born to be a queen.” Don’t forget to be a pineapple! Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.

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7 Responses

  1. Lorri Thomas says:

    I am so thankful, I found your PIN and blog! You are so creative and spiritual. I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS, work full time, serve in the church and help others. Like you, I love to give back to others. You inspire me and help ease my stress load by offering your insights and tags! I’m so grateful for your kind and loving assistance. Thank you! P.S. Where did you find those cute pineapple cups? I think I have seen them before, but cannot remember where. Thank you again. Your sister in Christ, Lorri Thomas

    • Angie says:

      Thank you for your kind words! I am so glad that they have been helpful. I can’t count how many times I have been helped by others who have shared their ideas and printables. It sure saves a lot of time! These cups came from Target. But if you can’t find the cups, the tags would be equally cute on a real pineapple.

      And be sure to take care of yourself. MS is no joke and it sounds like your plate is very full. Oftentimes the best service we provide to others is in the simple, impromptu ways we reach out to others. My motto is that I only make something if it is a fun release for me. If it starts to have an impact on my health or make me feel overwhelmed, I scale way back.

  2. Karen says:

    Thank you so much for your cute idea. I’m taking these up to our girls at Camp tonight for a devotional. Love how they turned out! I found some cute pineapple mason jars at the 99 cent store and filled them with candy.

  3. Cassia says:

    This is perfect for a Pineapple a painting craft we are putting into our “Camp-in-a-Bag” that we are doing with our YW next week. Camp theme is Moana. So perfetct. Thank you for sharing your talent with me!!

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