Bubble Valentine Printable: Great Non-Candy Valentine!

Bubble Valentine PrintableValentine’s Day always takes me by surprise, so this year I did a bit better at planning ahead. Last week, I went to Dollar Tree and started to browse the aisles looking for inspiration, when I stumbled on these cute bubble wand heart necklaces. With four in a pack, they were a deal at 25 cents each! I threw together a bubble Valentine printable, and I was good to go!

But if you can’t find them at Dollar Tree, you can also buy some of those cute bubble tubes online.

For Christmas, I got some circle punches and have been obessesd with punching circles. So of course, I had to do circles. Plus, it made this really easy to put together.
Non-candy Valentine

I have designed the printable to work with a 2-inch circle punch. You can cut them out by hand too, but I would personally prefer to gouge my own eyes out. How have I lived this long without circle punches?!?! Total game changer.

Download Bubble Valentine Printable (PDF)

But my favorite thing about the bubbles is that it is not candy! I LOVE candy and that is why I HAVE to keep it out of the house. Non-candy Valentines are so much safer for me. I was able to avoid the slippery candy slope this Halloween, now I just have to make it through Valentine’s Day and then I am safe until Easter. Cherry chocolates and cinnamon candy are my Achilles Heel during Valentine’s Day, but during Easter Cadbury eggs (both the big one and the mini eggs) are practically impossible to resist. Curse you Cadbury! The only thing that saves me is that my old lady tummy won’t let me eat as much candy as I used to without getting sick.

These bubble Valentines also got the kid seal of approval. I asked Ladybug if she would rather do candy than these, and she said, “No way!” And then kept asking to make sure there would be enough for her to get one too. Now I just have to get her to write the names of all her classmates on the back of the tags. I can understand why the teachers want them to practice their handwriting and that it is good etiquette to write the names on them, but it is so painful. My kids hate writing and whine and moan the entire time like they are dying. This year I might have to keep her bottle of bubbles as a ransom for getting it done without torturing me.

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