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Spouse Valentine GiftFinding a good spouse Valentine gift is always tough for me. We are trying to cut back on sweets, so I don’t want to just get him candy. I also hate clutter, so I don’t want to get him something we don’t need. Plus, you kind of want it to be thoughtful and romantic. So I figured if a Valentine’s gift possibly saves your marriage, that is considered romantic, right?

My husband loves to listen to music, audiobooks, the news, etc. I like to listen to those things too, but not ALL THE TIME. My biggest problem is that listening to things like music or talking totally makes my brain freeze up. I can’t focus on two things at the same time, and I can’t seem to tune one out. So, I just freeze like a malfunctioning robot.

It is a terrible characteristic to have as a mother. That is possibly why God gave me only two children. He knew that listening to more than two kids might put me into a sound-induced coma. My husband is the opposite. I have even seen him read and listen to something else at the same time. I have no idea how he does that. I have a hard time tying my shoes while listening to music.

So when my husband is home, he is usually listening to something. Which means that when he is home, I can’t focus on anything. I hated to tell him to turn it off because he has every right to listen to stuff, but as hard as I tried, I was having a hard time functioning.

So I decided to buy him a pair of wireless headphones. That way he can wander around the house listening to whatever he wants and my brain gets to chug along undistracted. To go with the gift, I made him this cute little printable. I should have added the parenthetical, “Your love is music to my ears, but your music isn’t.”

I figured this could be used as a great spouse Valentine gift as well if your spouse had an annoying love of Journey or Bon Jovi.

Download Headphones Valentine Gift Printable (PDF)

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