Halloween Ghost Plate Craft

Halloween Ghost Plate Craft
This cute little ghost plate craft is one of my kids’ favorite Halloween crafts. I have seen similar ones online, but I tweaked it a little because I wanted to hang them from the tree outside. I knew that paper and tissue wouldn’t hold up to the sprinklers, so I found some waterproof alternatives.

We love watching the ghosts flutter around in the breeze and they hold up great to rain and wind. The kids named our ghost “Barry Scary!”

It is also a great craft if you want to get the kids involved but are a little OCD about how it turns out. This year I had G– do a more controlled one that we hung from the tree and then I let her make one where I gave her full creative license.

One of her little best friends was over to share in the fun and the two of them had a blast flying their ghosts all over the house.

It is also a great project for practicing those fine motor skills.


  • 1 white tall kitchen trash bag
  • 1 white foam plate
  • Black vinyl scraps, electrical tape or sharpie (depending on how you decide to do the eyes and mouth)
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Clear packing tape


  1. Using a hole punch, make 12 holes along the bottom of the plate, leaving about a 1/4 inch between each hole.
  2. kids-halloween-craft

  3. Fold your trash bag up lengthwise and then cut into 12 strips.
  4. halloween-ghost-plate-craft-tutorial

  5. Each strip will form a large circle (because of the bags seams), so you will want to cut them at one of the seams so that that strip has an end.
  6. Thread each strip through the holes in the plate. This part is great for little fingers and great for fine motor skills, but you may have to help the younger ones thread the strip through the hole a little.
  7. plate-ghost

  8. Cut the eyes and mouth out of the vinyl scrap or electrical tape. You can also just use a black sharpie to draw it on too.
  9. Make a hole at the top of the plate with your hole punch. I like to place a small piece of clear packing tape on the back first to help reinforce the hole. Thread some fishing line through the hole (you can use string too, but my kids like that you can’t see the fishing line) and string it up on your tree.

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