Orange Teacher Appreciation Gift – Orange You Just the Best Teacher Ever?!

Orange Teacher Appreciation Gift - Orange You Just the Best Teacher Ever?!Teacher Appreciation Day is my excuse to break out the puns! Okay, maybe I don’t need an excuse for puns. I am a pun machine. Luckily my boy still thinks I am funny, even when I make cheesy geometry puns during virtual school. (He is going to miss my math puns.) So when I saw the orange ginger and orange sunrise soap at Bath & Body Works, I knew we needed to do an orange teacher appreciation gift.

I really like the Bath & Body Works’ new line of essential oil soaps. They are nice clean scents. And teachers can never have too much soap and hand sanitizer, especially during a pandemic!

Orange Bath and Body Soap

Download Orange Teacher Appreciation Gift Printable Sheet (PDF)

There are lots of other fun orange things you can use as well. Here are some ideas to add to a teacher appreciation gift basket:

This year, Teacher Appreciation Day is on May 4th. In retrospect doing a Star Wars theme on May 4th would have been awesome! “May the Fourth Be With You Teachers.” Dang it! Anyway, back to oranges. Oranges are cool too. And my kids are old enough now that I don’t know if they would have approved the Star Wars theme. When Ladybug saw the soaps with the printable she said, “My teacher is going to love these!” So we are going to stick with oranges.

We Love Charter Schools

My kids go to the best charter school ever and I have been so grateful to everyone at the school. They have made an impossible year doable. Even the principal knows and cares about my family. When he makes decisions, he takes into account the individual needs of the students. It is an environment where the staff trusts the parents and the parents trust the staff. It makes it easy to work together and for kids to thrive.

The school my kids used to attend was such a disaster. Bullying was commonplace and so was the inappropriate use of school computers. I couldn’t believe the stuff my kids were being exposed to. And the individual needs of students were rarely considered when making decisions. Politics was consistently getting in the way of the students’ well-being.

When my kids were struggling, I was so grateful to have another option. And once they started at the charter, the change was remarkable. My kids feel loved and safe there. I felt that same love the minute I first stepped on campus.

The founder of the school recently passed away after a long battle with cancer. My boy decided to write a poem to express his feelings and appreciation. It captures the essence of the school perfectly, so I wanted to share it. Thank goodness for teachers who dream!


A Dream…

Ms. Sue had a dream.
A dream to make a place
of gratitude and kindness.

That dream,
has created a place
that truly makes kids into who they are meant to be.

Her dream
has created one of the “safe havens” of my life.

It enables everyone
to turn in a direction
they had never noticed before.

That direction,
is what allows students
to reach for the stars and achieve their true potential.



Orange Teach Appreciation

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