Lollipop Primary Thank You Printable With President Hinckley Quote

Primary Thank You PrintableIt would seem that I am a total sucker for lollipop printables. I mean, who can resist a giant, rainbow lollipop? In the past, I have made them for ministering, baptisms, and birthday party favors. This time, it is a lollipop Primary thank you printable!

Download Primary Thank You Printable with President Hinckley Quote (PDF)

I made this printable to say thank you to our amazing Cub Scout leaders. But it is great for Primary teachers in general.

So often we make thank you and appreciation gifts for our kids’ school teachers. But it doesn’t always occur to us to thank our kids’ church Primary teachers. Teaching kids is definitely a blessing, but it isn’t always an easy blessing. Preparing lessons that aren’t always listened to, getting kids to stay put in chairs, and trying to figure out how to get a lesson back on track after a kid hijacks it with a random account of their week.

And not only are Primary teachers not paid for their service, but they also sacrifice the time they could be attending Relief Society or Priesthood. After church, most of them go home to take care of their own kids. If you have been in Primary, you know how exhausting Sundays can be!

So I really enjoy taking a little time to let primary teachers know the tremendous impact they have on my children’s lives. Primary is such an important part of our children’s testimonies. When my children have a consistent, dedicated teacher, it shows in their spiritual development. It also influences how much they like going to church, which is key to creating a habit of Sunday worship. I am particularly grateful for those teachers who have sought ways to better understand my children and their individual needs, even when my children are being difficult.

Serving in Primary

I love what Bishop Gérald Caussé said in the April 2018 General Conference, “Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like if the Savior visited your ward or branch next Sunday? What would He do? … What classes would Jesus visit? I wouldn’t be surprised if He visited the Primary children first. He would probably kneel down and speak to them eye-to-eye. He would express His love to them, tell them stories, congratulate them on their drawings, and testify of His Father in Heaven. His attitude would be simple, genuine, and without affectation. Can we do likewise?”

President Hinckley encourages us to forget ourselves in service. He said, “Occasionally, put in the background your own personal, selfish interests. Reach out in service to others. In so doing, you will find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

Why We Serve

As I look around at the many individuals serving my children and my family, I am so touched. And even though Primary isn’t always easy, whenever I get a call to Primary, I remind myself that somebody taught my children. It is only right that I teach as well.

And to be honest, as hard as it can be, I love that teaching Primary makes me feel like a celebrity at church. I love walking down the pews into Sacrament meeting and hearing the voices of my little Primary class excitedly yell to their parents, “Look! There’s my teacher!” It has also been a blessing to see my students grow up into amazing people.

And don’t forget Young Women’s, Young Men’s, Relief Society, Elder’s Quorum, and Ministering! This lollipop printable is perfect for them as well! Serving in the church is a wonderful blessing. And it is always nice to say thanks to those who give of their time in helping us grow closer to Christ.

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