Rainbow Unicorn Party Favors

Rainbow Unicorn Party FavorsI have to admit that one of my favorite parts of planning a birthday party is putting together the party favors. When I was planning these Rainbow Unicorn party favors the hardest part was not getting to do everything that I wanted to. I really, really wanted to make the girls unicorn tails too – there just wasn’t the time.

But the girls still got plenty in their swag bags! What I like best about these Rainbow Unicorn party favors is that they all served a purpose at the party and were something that the kids could use again after the party. I hate when things are just disposable. If I am going to spend my time on something, it is going to be something that lasts.

As they headed out the door, the girls’ arms were full of fun little treats that they can use again and again. But the total cost wasn’t that bad. The t-shirts were about $3 each. The water bottles were only a dollar. I was able to make the unicorn horns out of felt I already had at home and the headbands were only 25 cents each. And then the lollipops were only a dollar and I got to use them as decorations. Not too shabby!

Rainbow Unicorn Party Favors

Unicorn Party Favor T-Shirt

Unicorn Party Favor T-Shirt
Making custom t-shirts has been a staple at our parties for years and the kids always look forward to them. Some of the moms have told me that their kids have insisted on wearing the t-shirt every day all week after the party. My favorite part is seeing all the kids dressed the same at the party. Twiners! For this party, I bought a pack of shirts off Amazon for $2 each because the quality was better. But you can also buy those Hanes undershirt packs at Wal-Mart for about $1.50 a shirt.

In the past, I have used my Silhouette to cut out the heat transfer vinyl, but this year I was so busy that I had my wonderful friend Alicia over at Zoley Creations help me with them. I find that the glitter heat transfer vinyl lasts forever, so I like to use it over the regular stuff when possible. I custom made this vinyl unicorn design and have shared it here for free.

Download Free Silhouette Unicorn and Thousand-Armed Octopus Vinyl Decal File (zip)

Unicorn T-shirts Silhouette Vinyl

We had two lone boys at the party, so I made them a special Perry Gripp Thousand Armed Robot Octopus t-shirt.

Thousand Armed Robot Octopus t-shirt

Unicorn Water Bottles

I stopped doing juice and soda at birthday parties because I hated mopping the floor 20x and the kids were always begging for water anyway. But when I have purchased disposable water bottles, the kids always seem to grab a new one before finishing the old one. So I would find half-empty and unidentified water bottles all over the house. This year, I decided to grab water bottles at the 99 Cent Store that the girls could take home with them.

Unicorn Water Bottles

Alicia helped me out by doing the cute unicorn decals for these too. She also made vinyl stickers with the girls’ first initial on them so that I could just stick them on when the girls picked out their water bottle. I tried to place the letter stickers in different places so that even girls with the same initial would be able to recognize their own bottle. It worked brilliantly! Nobody lost their water bottle and nobody complained of being thirsty!
Vinyl Unicorn Water Bottles

Unicorn Horn Headbands

Unicorn horn headbands
I almost didn’t make these because I was running so short on time. I try really hard not to kill myself for these parties and it is a personal rule that I am not allowed to stay up late trying to get things done. If I don’t have time to do it within reason, then it gets cut from the party. I think it is too easy to get sucked into the Pinterest vortex and suddenly we are so caught up with little, unimportant things, that we lose sight of the important things. So these almost didn’t get made, but I am glad I was able to squeeze them in. The hero of the hour was my sweet husband who helped me stuff all the horns so I could get them done in time. He does dishes and makes unicorn horns! How did I ever get so lucky!?!

For how cute these are, they were actually pretty easy to make. And the girls looked so cute wearing them. I attached them to metal headbands, so they stayed on great throughout the whole party even with all the jumping around! I used the tutorial over at howtogal.com, but instead of gluing them down the side, I just whipped them through my sewing machine and flipped them right side out.

Rainbow Lollipops

Rainbow Lollipops
If you follow my blog, you know that I am a sucker for these lollipops (pun intended – with me the pun is always intended). Coming up with quotes and making the labels for these was a lot of fun. Not only were they great Rainbow Unicorn party favors, but they looked so cute as decorations. Get the free lollipop printables!


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