LDS Primary Christmas Craft and Little Snowflake Song

LDS Primary Christmas CraftLast year, I had my Nursery cuties make these pipe cleaner snowflakes as Christmas presents for their families. But they would also work great for older Primary classes too. In fact, I had my own kids make some as Christmas gifts for family members. They are a wonderful LDS Primary Christmas Craft!

I love that it is focused on Christ and it is something they can do themselves. I think it means so much more when the kids make it themselves instead of having it all done for them. I also liked that it wasn’t messy and didn’t require a lot of prep time on my part. It is also a great little craft for improving fine motor skills.

To tie it to Christ, I wrote this little song to go with it and I sang it with the kids in Nursery. I don’t play any instruments or even really sing, let alone write songs, so you will have to cut me some slack. But the kids loved it and we had fun singing it.

Little Snowflake
Snowflake, snowflake,
Little like me.
Snowflake, snowflake,
Pure as can be.
Snowflake, snowflake,
I can see,
Who Jesus wants me
to be.

When my son heard the song, he fell in love with it and started to sound out the music on the piano. Once he was done, we sang the song together while he played along. I thought my little mommy heart would burst. It was seriously one of my favorite parts of that Christmas.

I would love to get this onto sheet music, but I have no idea what I am doing. But the notes are:

You can hear my son singing the song here. So cute!

Making the LDS Primary Christmas Craft Ornaments

To make the ornaments, I cut white pipe cleaners in half. I then took three of the halves and twisted them together before fanning them out.

After that, the kids just needed to string on the beads. I used beads with big holes to make it easier. Once the beads are on, I folded over the ends and tucked them back into the last bead to secure it. I also added a string along with a print out of the song.


It was so easy and inexpensive! And it was a wonderful way to incorporate the message of Christmas into Primary.

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