When Life Gives You Lemons Costume

I loved my boy’s Halloween costume this year. It was perfect for 2020 – what a cruddy year it has been! So he decided to go with a “When Life Gives You Lemons Costume.”

With the pandemic, we didn’t want to invest a ton of time into a costume because we didn’t know what to expect this year. So we decided to keep it real simple.

My boy’s favorite part was that I bought him a huge bag of Lemonhead candies and let him hand them out to friends and family. I am guessing he ate several as well…
When Life Gives You Lemons Costume with Lemonhead Candy

The lemon costume matches his personality perfectly. He is just like his momma and loves a pun. And he likes to try to lift other’s spirits. After the year we have had, a cheesy chuckle and reminder to look on the bright side is super needed.

We could have gone with a t-shirt that said “Life” on it, but thought it was funnier and more original to do a t-shirt with Life cereal. It is his favorite right now and he eats it by the box.

It would have been fun to do a lemon face mask too.

How to make the Life Cereal T-Shirt for the
When Life Gives You Lemons Costume

To make the shirt, you will need a white t-shirt and iron-on transfer printer paper. Following the instructions on the transfer paper, print the image on reversed then iron it on the shirt. I have provided the image all ready to go below. It is reversed, because you will flip it over when you iron it on the shirt and it will show the right way.

A few years ago, my boys’ school held a figurative language or idiom contest where they had to dress up like a figure of speech or idiom. The kids came dressed up like things like “It’s raining cats and dogs” or “time flies.” A “When Life Gives You Lemons Costume” would be perfect for something like that as well!

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