Marshmello Costume – A Cheap and Easy Tutorial

Marshmello Costume TutorialFor a 40+-year-old lady, I know an insane amount about Fortnite and Marshmello. It isn’t that I care about the topics, but I love my son and it is important to him. So I don’t tune him out, but pay attention. I figure that before long he won’t want to tell me everything. And all my listening sure came in handy when my boy insisted on being Marshmello for Halloween. I was already pretty prepared for what he needed for his Marshmello costume!

The first you have to know is that it isn’t spelled Marshmallow or Marshmellow, but Marshmello. Cause I guess he is “mello.” Nice play on words there DJ Marshmello! When looking for the Marshmello costume ideas, knowing how to spell it helps. If you look for “Marshmallow” costumes, you are going to see a lot of Ghostbuster Stay Puft Marshmallow costumes.

Thanks to my son, I am also reasonably well-versed in Marshmello’s music. He is constantly telling me all kinds of fun facts. My boy has all of Marshmello’s songs on a playlist and drives Ladybug crazy by playing it on repeat. I have always wondered which direction his love of music would take him and for right now it looks like it is electronic dance music. Not exactly my favorite, but I love that Marshmello’s music is clean and upbeat. So I am not complaining. Listening to “Alone” over and over again sure beats a lot of other options.

What did surprise me was how much you could spend on a Marshmello costume. It could easily total more than $800! That wasn’t going to happen! But I also didn’t want to do a cheap-looking costume either. Some of the store-bought ones I have seen look so ridiculous. So we took the middle road. In all, the costume cost us less than $30.

Marshmello’s Helmet

One of my boys’ favorite topics to talk about is Marshmello’s helmet. I guess it costs $55,000 and is complete with programmable LED lights and air conditioning. I thought he was full of it. There is no way a helmet could cost that much! But I looked it up and he was right! Clearly, a multi-thousand dollar helmet wasn’t an option for us.

The next step down were some cheaper ones on Etsy in the $500 range. Still way too much! I don’t think they had A/C, but they had plenty of LED lights. We also found one that was a hard helmet but without the lights. It was about $40. That was a little more reasonable but more than I wanted to spend.

Our Choice For a Helmet

So we opted for the $13 foam Marshmello helmet with the lights around the eyes and mouth. It is pretty neat when it lights up. You can see the cord in the photos. It goes down to a switch and battery he keeps in his pocket so that he can turn it off and on. You can also change the settings so that it flashes in different ways. The only con is that it bugs him that you can see his eyes through the mesh. But when it is darker, you really can’t tell.

You have to be careful when looking for a Marshmello helmet because the quality is all over the place. In a lot of the Amazon listings they would have a photo of Marshmello in his real helmet as the main listing photo and then later show what their helmet looks like. Some of the helmets are just masks, with nothing on the back, but it is hard to tell unless you look closely. And some of the helmets look like they were made by a preschooler. Take extra care to look at the eye and mouth holes to make sure the lines are clean and not jagged.

You will also want to plan a head. Most of the sellers are shipping from China, so it takes a while to get over here. I have also noticed that the prices are slowly going up.

Marshmello Costume

Marshmello Costume Shirt and Pants

Marshmello is a minimalist, if you look beyond the $55K marshmallow on his head, so recreating his outfit was easy. I picked up a slightly oversized long-sleeved white shirt and skinny white sweat bottoms. If you are serious about cosplay or have an older child, then it would be worth paying the extra for a pair of white skinny jeans. But for us, $12 white sweat pants worked just fine.

My boy is beyond excited about his costume this year and drove me crazy with asking when the mask would get here. I love it, but have my doubts about how an all-white Halloween costume is going to hold up. He wants to wear his costume to make his own “Cooking with Marshmello videos,” but I am worried that it won’t be white anymore once Halloween hits. So he is going to have to wait.

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2 Responses

  1. Kimberley Wroe-Street says:

    I ordered 2 of the exact huahge mask. It was ordered September 3 from China with a delivery date of October 21. Unfortunatly It NEVER arrived. You can save money and make it your self.

    • Angie says:

      How frustrating! Ordering from China can be such a gamble sometimes. Were you able to get a refund? I am glad you were able to make a mask yourself. Ours came on time, but a Marshmello sweatshirt I bought from eBay never showed up. Luckily, Amazon and eBay makes it easy to get refunds.

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