Child Unicorn Costume Tutorial

Child Unicorn Costume TutorialThis year I got lucky and my wonderful sister-in-law, Michelle, offered to make Ladybug’s Halloween costume. Ladybug had so much fun looking at patterns and finding fabric at the fabric store with her. Michelle is an amazing seamstress who makes elaborate cosplay costumes and period dresses. She is also the one who made our ice cream truck tent for our ice cream truck party. She amazes me! Working with her, I have put together this child unicorn costume tutorial if you want to replicate the look.

Child Unicorn Costume Tutorial

Romper: I love the simple, white romper she made for the costume. It was whimsical and added a softer, more feminine touch to the unicorn costume. She used the McCall’s 5732 pattern.

Unicorn Horn: I actually used a unicorn horn that I had leftover from Ladybug’s unicorn birthday party. I used the tutorial over at, but instead of gluing it, I just whipped it through my sewing machine and flipped it right side out.

But since this unicorn horn was for her costume, I wanted to make it a little fancier. So I added two ears made out of the same fabric that was used for the romper. I wanted to use felt because it would be faster, but I didn’t have any white felt and was too lazy to drive to the store. But I ended up really liking the fabric ones.

I then glued little roses around the base and added some beaded wire.

For the mane, Michelle used a mix of ribbons and I added some frayed white yarn underneath to add some volume.

To get the effect, I sewed the yarn and the ribbon on a piece of felt to hold everything in place. I then unraveled each of the strands of yarn to make them wavy.

Once it was all unraveled, I hot glued the piece of felt underneath the metal headband and the horn and ears.

The unicorn horn matched the whimsical romper perfectly!

Unicorn Tail: We did the tail in much the same way. A mix of ribbons on top and the unraveled yarn on bottom. This time, I sewed them on to a piece of white felt that I then sewed to a band of elastic. The tail stayed on wonderfully and was comfortable to wear.

Together, the headband and tail looked great from the back! It was so funny watching Ladybug prance around in her unicorn costume. You could tell that she felt gorgeous. It is funny how clothes can totally change the way you feel. And every little girl wants to feel like a million bucks on Halloween. A big thanks to Michelle for making that happen!

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