Sensory Friendly Fairy Princess Costume for Girls

DIY Fairy Princess Costume for KidsLast year, Ladybug’s aunt made her a cute set of bloomers and a chemise for her unicorn costume. So when it still fit her the next Halloween, we decided to turn it into a fairy princess costume! Once she was all dressed up, it was her cue to whip out all her gymnastic poses.

The best thing about this costume was that it was comfortable. Ladybug hates anything scratchy or that she can’t move around in. I love all those fancy, tulle fairy princess costumes, but there is no way I would ever get her to put one on. But this costume was so comfy that she even didn’t complain once. It was the perfect fairy princess costume for the girl who can’t sit still. You’ll notice in the photos that we had to eventually switch out her shoes because the silver glitter ones I bought her weren’t comfortable enough. Luckily, her silver sandals looked just fine with it. Comfort is everything for this one! She is just like her momma!


Fairy Costume Vest

Her aunt makes amazing Renaissance costumes, so I loved seeing all the detail work on the vest. It was even lined! I don’t ever have the patience to line anything! Ladybug’s favorite part of making the fairy princess costume was when she got to make a special trip with her aunt to the fabric store to pick out the fabric. Of course, she picked pink, purple, and sparkly!

Fairy Princess Costume Vest


Fairy Princess Hair and Tiarra

My mom found the tiara for her at a thrift store and it looked so cute paired with her bun. I stink at doing hair, but after lots of practice making Princess Leia buns, I have gotten a lot better at doing buns. Just don’t ask me to French braid!

Fairy Princess Costume Hair Bun


Fairy Princess Tiarra

Fairy Princess Mask

She didn’t wear the masquerade mask trick or treating because I like my kids to be able to see well while out at night. Even fairies can get hit by cars! But it was fun for dress up and posing for pictures. And it made me think of Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Fairy masquerade mask

Fairy Costume Wings

The wings were a dollar store find and matched perfectly. No reason to make your own when you can buy them for a buck!

Fairy Costume Wings

When I was little, I was never into princesses that much, but I loved fairy tales. I remember checking out those huge books of fairy tales from the library and reading them over and over again. Being a fairy always seemed a lot more exciting than a princess. You aren’t stuck wearing stuffy dresses and being proper. Instead, you get a set of wings, magic and free rein of the forest!

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