Donut Food Table with Pink, Silver and Sprinkles

Donut Food Table with sprinkles

For Ladybug’s Dunk and Donuts Pool Party, I needed a bright and bubbly, pink donut food table. I am the type who takes forever to conceptualize anything and then I have to make a big list. And then I have to go over it and over it again and again. Yeah, I am a lot of fun being married to. I hate flying by the seat of my pants with anything. So when I put together the donut table, here is how I built it all from the ground up!

Donut Food Table Backdrop

I wanted something shiny and frilly, but more modern. I have found that you can save a lot of money by using curtain panels as your backdrop, especially if you can find some on clearance. So these Rosette panels from Walmart at $5 a pop were perfect! When the wind started to cause problems and was blowing them all over the place, I grabbed all my clamps and binder clips and weighed that bad boy down. It was all hiding behind the table, so nobody was the wiser.

Using clamps to hold down a backdrop

I also like to use a shower curtain rod to hang my backdrops. I like that you can adjust the length as needed and even wedge it between a doorway or a wall. And they can hold a lot of weight!


Birthday Banner

I love the look of balloon banners, but have never tried them. So I decided a pool party was the perfect opportunity. It fits the theme perfectly. They look like floaties! I got this ballon banner from Amazon and it was inexpensive and easy to use. Some of the balloons lost a bit of air, so I taped the inlet tab against the back with some painters tape and it totally did the trick and also hid the funny little tabs. And I was able to loop another strand of ribbon through the bottom of the letters. This helped a lot with the wind. Decorating outside can get a little tricky.

Silver balloon happy birthday banner

To play off the donut sprinkles, I bought a dot garland that I draped back and forth across the banner. There was 66 feet of garland, so there is plenty to hang everywhere! You will want to be careful when hanging them outside though because they can get tangled in the wind.

Donut Food Table Donut Wall

Don’t you just love this donut wall? After scrolling through hundreds of donut wall photos that looked almost exactly the same, I decided to do something a little different. Stay tuned for the tutorial this summer!

Donut Wall

Monogrammed Milk Bottles

If there are donuts, there better be milk! I fell in love with these little milk bottles and the girls loved having their own glasses to take home with them. A quick trick to doing monogramed glasses is to grab a pack of outdoor vinyl letters. Then you can just add them on for the guests as needed. It makes it easy to keep track of whose cup is whose, but you don’t have to worry about getting an accurate RSVP to prep them ahead of time.

Monogramed milk bottles on donut food table

Later, I decided to add little mini donuts on top and it turned out so cute!

Milk Bottles with mini donut


Donut Bouquet

Who needs flowers when you can have donuts? These were super easy to do with a bamboo skewer and a vase full of sprinkles.

Donut Hole Bouquet

And in case anybody was shy about grabbing the first donut, this lightbox carries an invitation to treat yourself!

Donut Table Lightbox


Donut Popcorn Mix

At our Moana party last year the popcorn mixes were such a hit with the kids that I decided to do another one this year. I mixed candied popcorn with Fruit Loops to make a Donut Popcorn Mix! It was so easy and I was surprised how amazing it was! I ate way more of this stuff then I should have. But the mix of the popcorn with the fruity of the cereal was perfection.

I really like Colby Ridge’s popcorn and it comes in all kinds of fun colors.

Donut Popcorn Mix Close Up

And the polka dot cups played off the fun sprinkle theme.

Donut Popcorn Mix

Donut Popcorn Mix on table

It was simple to do, and I was really happy with the way this donut food table turned out. The girls loved it!

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