Pinkalicious Paper Flowers with Free Silhouette File


One of my favorite parts about the Pinkalicious books are their multimedia illustrations. I really wanted to bring that same look and feel to the party, so I decided to make some Pinkalicious paper flowers as decorations. I put them in a pot, but it would be fun to cut out big ones to decorate a wall.

What’s great about these is that they are easy to reuse. Since the party I have already used them for a Young Women’s New Beginnings program and they would be super cute for a baby shower. Making them wasn’t hard either.

1) I first visited Hobby Lobby and bought scrapbook paper that matched the colors and patterns used in the book.

2) Then I created a Silhouette file to cut out the flower shapes for me and sent the paper through the machine. For the ones in the flower pot, I wanted them to be double-sided. To do this you will need to flip the flower pieces that aren’t perfectly symmetrical so that you have a mirror image. That way the shapes will line up when they are back to back. This is especially important for the tulips.

If you are having a hard time cutting paper on your Silhouette, it helps a lot to slow the cutting speed waaaaaaaaaaay down.

Download free Silhouette file for Pinkalicious Paper Flowers (zip)

3) I then taped the floral wire onto one side of the flower and then used double-sided tape to stick them together. I was able to find some cute wire at Hobby Lobby that was already green and had a neat texture to it.

4) For the leaves, I found some magazine pages that had green on them (think the gardening section of Better Homes and Gardens). I then cut out some leaf shapes and taped them to the stems.

5) I cut the butterflies out of the pages of an old book. I tried to get my Silhouette to do it, but it was having a hard time cutting the book paper without tearing it. Once they were cut out, I taped two butterflies together and folded the wings up on one to give them a more dimensional feel. I then wrapped the brown wire they are on around a pencil to give it that springy look.

6) After I was done assembling everything, I arranged them in flower pots with floral foam wedged in the bottom. Then I hid the foam with some fake grass.

The hardest part was creating the template to cut out the shapes, but since I have already done it for you, it should be easy, peasy!

I loved the butterflies so much, that I kept them out and they are now living in one of my Mason jars. It is like the words just flew right off the page!

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6 Responses

  1. Beth says:

    I know this has been a while, but I can’t get the flowers file to download.

  2. Hi there and thank you for openly sharing your ideas! I was wondering if you could email the file as well? I have a cricut and I can’t seem to open the flower zip file.

  3. Sarah says:

    My computer won’t open this file either. Do you have a file that will work with cricut? Thanks!

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