Moana Sea Shell Hunt with the Heart of Te Fiti

This super simple Moana Sea Shell Hunt is perfect for any Moana birthday party. It takes very little set up and is good for all ages. It is so easy that it would also be fun to do as a simple activity with just your kids some time.

Moana Sea Shell Hunt Tutorial

Moana Scavenger Hunt Step 1 – The Adventure Begins
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Video Clip: (I like to pair party games with clips from the movies since it makes it more “real” for the kids.)
Grandma explains the myth and how someone will eventually go beyond the reef to save everybody. (DVD Clip Time: 0:50 to 4:22)

You can also show Moana following the trail of sea shells. Ladybug wanted me to create a wall of water too, but I told her she was nuts.

Instructions to Kids:
You have been chosen and the fate of our island is in your hands. But first, you must be given the Heart of Te Fiti. Follow the sea shells to find it.

Find the trail of shells and follow them to find the Heart of Te Fiti.

Set Up:
In the movie, Moana follows a trail of sea shells in the water to get the Heart of Te Fiti. We don’t have a large body of water, but a simple trail of sea shells worked just fine for our Moana sea shell hunt.

You will also need a Heart of Te Fiti to put at the end of the trail of sea shells. Thanks to Paging Supermom, these little Hearts of Te Fiti were super easy and cheap to make. I was able to get the glass pebbles at Dollar Tree.

I made one for the game, but also made some as party favors for each of the girls. She has a very cute Heart of Te Fiti printable on her website you can use.

I hid the sea shells so that you could spot the next one once you found the one before it. This way each sea shell lead to the next. I then helped the girls spot the first one.

The hunt is on! If I did this again, I might split the girls up into smaller groups.

They were so excited once they found the Heart of Te Fiti.

It was so fun to see their reactions! And they were even more excited when they found out they could take home one of their own!
Moana Sea Shell Hunt

Game Variation

Instead of creating a trail of sea shells, you can also hide a Heart of Te Fiti and sea shells all over the yard – kind of like an Easter egg hunt. The kids get to keep the shells they find and the winner is the one who finds the Heart of Te Fiti.

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